2f5f81c2e01674ffb3bf12a6a33f9e70“The Internet has opened a new world of information sharing for families of kids with special health needs. While this is a huge help to families, I am constantly frustrated that families seem to be fighting many of the same battles our family has been fighting for almost 30 years! Some things have definitely improved and I believe it is the direct result of families speaking out and assuming leadership roles. There is still much to do and becoming a part of New Directions for Maine Families just made sense tome. 30 years from now, I do not want families to still be struggling with financing health care for sick kids, having to advocate over and over for their children in schools and other community programs. 30 years from now, I do not want families worrying themselves sick over the fact that a child is going to turn 18, or 21 or 26. I think of my involvement with New Directions as an opportunity to give back by listening to and being a voice for families.”
– Anna Cyr

“I am thrilled with the direction that New Directions for Maine Families is taking. People helping people. That is what it is all about. A collection of advocates with a vast collection of experiences and wisdom to share with others on their journey. Many of us have “been there, done that”, and reflecting and sharing what we have learned so others can move forward and gain independence is what we collectively are all about. In my own personal journey, my license plate sums up my philosophy in life: Synergy. Together, we make a bigger and better experience.”
Deb Thibodeau

532ae1d9f117f875ef6c5dd4c135b27a“For way more than 30 years I participated in teaching and training families, providers and individuals with a disability to build strong and meaningful lives in the broader community. Over those years I certainly spoke to several thousand people across this country and in several others as well. All that travel and all that cost was how information had to get out. Now things have indeed changed. One entry in Google on Autism can produce 22 million “hits.” So now we have new problems: information overload and separating the “wheat from the chaff.” New Directions will work to present the best information we can find from sources across this country and around the world on topics that matter to families. And as we develop, we will work to tie families to people resources in Maine and elsewhere to help answer specific questions and provide the meaningful personal support so necessary to families working to raise and support their child.”

Don Trites