From Maggie Carr, New Directions Board President

I discovered “The Mighty” when a friend posted one of their videos to her Facebook page. I checked out their website, read their story and saw all the stories from other families, individuals and communities. Fantastic! You will find stories of hope, of healing, of love and so much more. They will make you laugh out loud, cry tears of gladness or maybe even sadness, but you will not be untouched.

Here at New Directions we believe in the power of story as well and we’d love to hear yours.

Some guildelines to submit your story:

  • Please keep between approximately 400-800 words
  • include a photo
  • include a short bio (2-5 sentences about yourself) and any links you’d like us to add
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Need to define form fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Question is whether they would upload a file or photo or just type in text?



[wordsmith?] By sharing this information you are giving ND4ME permission to share your story on our website.  Your information will not be shared outside of our organization.